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How to integrate Skynet with external apps?


SkynetAI internaly is an autonomous application that does not require any external solutions to work. Skynet's idea, however, is the possibility of its full integration with external systems used on a daily basis, such as chats, internet forums and similar web-based solutions. Ultimately, the whole integration will be based on the simple classes of "wrappers", which will allow you to easily attach Skynet to external code (at the moment it requires a bit of manual work).
Standalone version:
The Skynet engine does not require any external solutions to work. It has a built-in text input-output communication interface included in the management panel. Using API, however, it can be easily attached to external applications (such as a more elaborate chatroom). The only requirement for the standalone version is to have a web server such as Apache or Nginx, and a PHP interpreter at least 5.6, and a database server such as MySQL (communication with the database is implemented through the PDO library).

Examples of server packages (Apache + PHP + MySQL) for individual systems:

Windows: WAMP

Linux: LAMP


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