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Current version 1.3.8 (build 2019.08.20)


SkynetAI is a project of learning virtual bot (assistant) ready to be implemented in every possible place - on internet forums, chat rooms, in automatic communication systems with clients, as an assistant, or virtual interlocutor - for business / office and for fun.
The project consists of many solutions that, taken together, provide a future-looking architecture that will extend any application with components such as a virtual SI-based responder, standalone assistant, bot for contact with clients and many other interesting features. The most important advantages of Skynet:

  • modular structure, based on adding components
  • designed for quick integration with the forum, chat, shoutbox, website etc.
  • automatic and manual learning of new things
  • an expandable virtual assistant
  • still expanding list of components
  • the entire system management panel
  • built-in modules such as dictionary, wikipedia, calculator, translation and real-time conversation in many languages and many other options
  • built-in full language database (Polish) - English and other languages will be added soon
  • Skynet is simply an AI with which you talk as you do with a human

SI for conversation (chatbot)

Virtual assistant

Extensible through modules

SkynetAI is a research project aimed at creating communicative, advanced artificial intelligence, easy and fast in integration with any web applications, such as forums, chats or automatic communicators. Thanks to the architecture based on components created for a given functionality, it can be used as an assistant in any place and in any industry, offering practically every possible functionality. It can also be a perfect bot that you can talk to like a man.

Skynet is here, ready for action. You can test it by talking to him in the window on the right. It is a fully functional, currently the latest version of the system, integrated with the website in the same way that Skynet can be integrated with any other solution, such as a forum, chat, website or any other web application. Remember to start conversing with "skynet" - then SI will know that you are addressing it directly.

To learn more, check the list of available modules and the section with FAQ, where you can find answers to basic questions.

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